Flighty Blonde

So this morning, after I checked my daughters’s lunchbox and backpack, I was feeling proud that I made sure she had everything.

Yay, right?

Then she forgot her backpack on the way to school. -_-

Luckily my hubby realized this halfway there and made her run back and get it.  But still…how do you forget your backpack?!?!


My Day

Just going to blab about my day.  Feel free to move on from this post if you are not interested in random goings on with myself.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat (still), but felt well rested.  I have had a little bit of trouble with waking up at 3:00 or 4:00 am lately.  Today I was actually able to sleep until 6:30am.  Yay, right?  I helped my kids get ready for school and, as always, had to remind them that teeth brushing is absolutely necessary and, no, they are not allowed to skip it.  What is with my children and hating brushing their teeth?  It’s like this epic war that has been waged since their first cutting of teeth.  They’d bite me when I would do it for them, and now that they know how, every day is a battle to get them to do it.  Anyway, I checked my daughter’s backpack to make sure she put her lunch in there.  The last couple of weeks, she has forgotten to put her lunch in her backpack and forgot to take it to school.  [Please note here that my daughter is a true blonde.  She is so flighty and completely unaware of her surroundings.  She walks into things constantly because she is in lalaland.  It has to be genetic because I was that way as a kid.]  Anyway, I was so proud of myself for being on the ball this morning.  I checked and saw her lunch bag was in her packpack!  Yess!  Good girl!!


So after my husband walks them to school, we sit down at the dining table to eat some cereal and chit chat.  I then see it.  Yes, it.  It being my daughter’s lunch.  There it was, in all its delicious glory, sitting on the table – sandwich made and in its bag, a banana, applesauce, her spoon and her capri sun.  Just. Sitting. There.  UGH.  She did not put her actual lunch in her bag.  I guess I need to be MORE diligent next time.  I vowed to take it to her later, after I had made myself presentable to the public.

I showered, got dressed, checked my email.  My friend wanted to come over to hang out for some girl time today and I accepted, because if you know anything about my last two weeks, you’d know that I really needed a girl friend to talk to and hang out with.

She came over and we began talking about my daughter’s upcoming birthday party.  I had no idea what I was going to do yet – I just knew that we were going to have a small, intimate gathering with a few of her friends and their parents and have a few games and lots and lots of food.  She suggested a few places to get cakes from which turned into an adventure: Hey!  Let’s go try cakes and order one!

So we hopped into her car, strapped the spare carseat in and went on our way.  We went to two different Vietnamese bakeries to try different cakes. Since she is Vietnamese and I am not, I found this trip to be quite amusing. She would talk/argue with the shopkeepers in Vietnamese, while I stood there looking pretty. 😉 She was able to haggle one of the decorators down in price and we finally settled on a cake, the theme and how big.  I ended up ordering a delicious half caramel chocolate, half strawberry cake.  I am excited to see how it turns out.  I also bought some goodies at the bakery to eat after my lunch, because who can pass up a citrus basil white chocolate mousse?  Not I!

We then found a restaurant and ate our lunch.  I’m never going to remember the name of the dish I ordered, but it was delicious.  It had rice noodles, spicy fish sauce, fresh basil, mint and cilantro, jalepenos, bean sprouts, onions, cabbage and barbecued pork.  I shared with little duffy butt – who refused everything but the noodles and pork.  He also ate some crab from my friend’s dish.  Weirdo.

We walked around a little more, drove to Party City and walked around discussing party decorations when I saw that my duffy butt was drooping off to sleep.  We decided to leave and come back to my place.

When I got home, he was sleeping in his seat.  I removed him and put him directly into the stroller so that he would be ready to go when we needed to walk to the school to pick up the other two.  

After messing with our front door that is starting to stick in the most ridiculous way, for a few good moments of thrusting myself at it, I was able to get inside of my house and I saw that my husband had messaged me on my iPad that the school had called because Lucy had no lunch.  WHOOPS!  I forgot to take her her lunch.  I immediately felt like a bad, bad mom until I realized, there was nothing I can do.  She’s not going to starve by missing one lunch and I will bring her the sandwich when I pick her up.  She’ll be okay and I will make sure that she does not do it again.  Since I don’t have a cell phone, they won’t be able to reach me anyway, if I need to be out of the house and goodness knows I am not cooping myself up in the house all day just so I may miss a phone call.

Anyway, on my way to pick them up from school, my toe started throbbing from walking on it all day, so I had to take my shoe off to be able to walk.  I walked all the way to school barefoot.  🙂  I know everyone thinks that I am weird (and I am) but I love being barefoot, so this did not bother me in the least.

Picked them up, got invited to a birthday party and walked home in the hot, hot sun.

Once we got home, my little one had woken up from his stroller nap and was ready to play.  He ate another banana and spilled my drink on the table.  Silly little boy.

That’s about where I am at right now with the exception that I just snuck a cookie into the office so the kids would not see that I had one.  Ha.  I still got it.

Flying Today

As always, I had a lot of fun.

I like my instructor (I will call her A, for short) a lot, so far.  She’s very calm and also funny.  Today, as we were heading out to our aircraft, one of the men stopped us and joked, “I always wonder how is it that women find a way to tow the airplane out of its parking spot.”  A snarked back something along the lines of “Oh, I don’t know.  We just sit there looking distressed and pretty until a man comes along and does it for us.”  😀  I have a feeling we are going to get along very nicely.

That’s the thing – in aviation I have met three types of men thus far:  One type loves that women fly and will do whatever they can to support one that is truly interested in doing so.  Another type sees us as equals, buts likes to joke about about the huge gender discrepancy.  The last type are the men that think flying is only for men and wonders why the heck women try to take on a “man’s sport”.  So far, thankfully, I have not met the third type at this FBO.

Honestly, I think women are more apt to flying than men.  They are great multi-taskers and we have a certain finesse that men generally seem to lack.  😉

Anyway, onto my flying…

After talking about what maneuvers we were going to do today, we headed out to the plane and I began pre-flight.  It was baking hot outside, a whopping 99 degrees and I was so ready to be finished with standing in the hot sun.  This time I was allowed to pre-flight by myself while my instructor watched.  It’s been a while since I have done it by myself, so it was nice to do it again.

At one point I had to check the fuel tanks to make sure there really was gas and I hopped down from checking, instead of stepping down, and my instructor was like, “Wow, how do you do that without hurting yourself?”  Well, for one, I cannot simply step down, as I am too short for that.  For two, years of dance training teaches you how to land softly.  It’s all about the toes, ankles, and knees.  I just said back, “I’m a ballerina.”  She smiled and said, “Wow, that makes much more sense now.”

Then we got into the airplane, turned her on and went on our way.

Today I was much better at trimming the airplane.  I mean, there was a huge difference in this week from last week.  We practiced setting the trim tab most of the flight.  We did climbs, descents, and straight and level flight.  We practice slow flight, which used to scare the tar out of me, and go-arounds.

My landings are still a little rough.  I used to have them down – I mean, impressively.  My previous instructor was in awe at how well I was able to land the airplane in such an early stage of flight training.  I need to get that back because I look like a total noob doing it.  This time, I flared to early and when we finally landed, we went to the left by way too much.  So much that the instructor had to take over for a brief 3 seconds.  Whoops.  😛

Afterwards we chatted about what we are going to do next week and what things I could be working on.  I will definitely have to think more on this landing stuff because I had it sooo right before.  🙂

I hope to fly next weekend, just as I hope to take my written exam in the next week.  It should be fun.

I love flying so much.  So so much.

Right Now…

-I am listening to my son yell at my daughter about breaking his homemade tent.  Funny, though, because she did not break it.  She was at home all day with me, laying on the couch with a fever.  He gets so uptight about things.  He gets it from me, unfortunately.  I should learn to calm down.

-I am also sick with something.  I was sick with a sore throat earlier this week and got over it within 48 hours.  Then my daughter comes home sick on Thursday and lo and behold I start to feel cruddy around 6 last night.  Sigh.  Then my youngest woke up in his own vomit this morning.  Yay fun. /sarcasm. The starting of school always brings home a batch of colds and flus.  I wish my little ones washed their hands better and more often while they were at school, but there is only so much I can teach them.  They have to make the decisions for themselves.  Anyway, sick days are always a day off for them (and not for me. 😉 )

-I am overloaded with thoughts and emotions.  It was a hard week and I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep the rest of the week away.

-I am thinking about how badly I want to go flying tomorrow.  I hope that I can sleep off this sickness because I would hate to miss a day of flying.  It would suck to have to reschedule and do all of the work to reschedule.  I’d rather just fly.  I finished both of my seat cushions.  One is for my back and the other is for my bottom.  I need to see what I am doing AND reach the rudder pedals, so I made two.  Nothing like being short stuff in a plane.

-Thinking about how my previous flight instructor mentioned that the new Cessnas have adjustable pedals and he said I should try one.  What he doesn’t know is that I have flown in a couple that had adjustable pedals and guess what?  The pedals still did not adjust far enough forward for me to reach.

-I feel proud of myself for passing my ground school class.  (Yay, I did it!) and when I called the school yesterday, the man over the phone said, “Oh you are Amber, the one that just passed J’s class?  Well congratulations, it’s nice to see a woman so interested in flying.”  Then I get a call back from the president/CEO of the FBO (because I had a question from him) and he said, “I am glad to see such a smart young lady pass the class and be so interested in aviation.”  Nice boost to my ego.  Thanks.

-I am also wishing that my hubby would come home earlier than normal today.  I am worn thin and would love to just be able to lay down with some uninterrupted sleep for a little bit.

-It is beautiful and sunny outside.  The weather is warm and I hear birds outside.  I really love the weather in Cali.

Have a nice day!


Here’s something that most people don’t “get” about me: I really like fine tea. Most people say that tea is gross or that tea tastes like nothing, but I disagree. Finding a tea to suit you is like finding a coffee or a beer or a wine that you enjoy. I believe there is a tea for everyone.

I love the subtle flavors, notes, hints of each tea I taste. It’s a total experience for me and I love trying new teas. First, I have to smell them – from that I can tell if it will be well suited to my palate. Then I steep and smell the tea and then take slurpy sips (as you should when tasting tea – it moves the liquid across your tongue more evenly to give you the full range of flavors). If I like it from there, then I just enjoy the rest of the cup normally.

I have various pots and steepers. I used to collect teapots and cups. Quite a few of my pots broke during my move to Cali. :(.

I prefer loose leaf tea over bagged varieties. Loose leaf tends to have more body and less bitterness than their bagged counterparts. A lot of cheaper bagged teas use ground leaves which produce a more acidic taste on your tongue.

Any time someone tells me they hate tea, I urge them to try a cup that I make – one that is made right – before they give a final opinion. Different teas enjoy different steep times and water temperatures. Yes, I just anthropomorphized the tea.

Some of my favorite teas are:

Aveda Comfort Tea


RoT Cinnamon Plum and Passionfruit Papaya (and their Iced Watermelon blend)


Caribou Coffee Earl Grey Tea – this pairs particularly well with cinnamon chip scones

And a few unbranded varieties that I have picked up at tea rooms across the country: chocolate malt tea, lemon zinger, apple pie, Scottish breakfast, chunky monkey, and peppermint herbal spa.


Now, you may be wondering my flavor profile. I tend to like two types of teas. I like dark, rich oaky teas with hints of either fruit or light/sharp spices. The other type are teas that have an herbal/mint overtone. Peppermint, fennel or anise work very well for me.

That’s all I have to spout for now. 🙂